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Scientific papers presented on the 3nd International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation & Optimization in Athens, 8-11 July, 2009
Mini symposium on Medical Imaging, organized by G. Panayiotakis, I. Kandarakis,  G. Fountos and I. Valais

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G. Fountos, A. Zanglis, C. Michail, I. Kalantzis1, A. Samartzis, D. Cavouras, E. Kounadi, P. Valsamaki, I. Kandarakis, S. Gerali and G. Nikiforidis

A novel flood source used for the MTF determination in SPECT systems

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P. F. Liaparinos

Monte Carlo simulations in medical imaging

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Meletis Liaskos, Christos Michail, Nektarios Kalyvas, Adrianos Toutountzis, Stavros Tsantis, George Fountos, Dionysis Cavouras and Ioannis Kandarakis

Implementation of a Software Phantom for the Assessment of Contrast Detail in Digital Radiography

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Christos M. Michail, Adrianos Toutountzis, Ioannis G. Valais, Ioannis Seferis, Michalis Georgousis, George Fountos, Ioannis S. Kandarakis and George S. Panayiotakis

Luminescence Efficiency of Europium activated Gd2O2S Powder Phosphors
for Medical Imaging applications

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Nikolaos Pagonis, Dionisis Cavouras, Kostas Sidiropoulos, George Sakellaropoulos and George Nikiforidis

Improving the classification accuracy of computer aided diagnosis through multimodality breast imaging

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A. Samartzis, G. Fountos, I. Kalatzis, C. Michail, A. Zanglis, D. Cavouras, I. Datseris, E. Kounadi, D. Vattis, I. Kandarakis and G. Nikiforidis

The use of Modulation Transfer Function as an Overall Quality Control parameter in PET/CT

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Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, Dionisis Cavouras, Nikolaos Pagonis, Nikos Dimitropoulos and John Stonham

Accelerating the design of probabilistic neural networks for computer aided diagnosis in Mammography, employing graphics processing units

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Vasiliki A. Spyropoulou, Nektarios Kalyvas, Anastasios Gaitanis, Ioannis S. Kandarakis, George S. Panayiotakis

Image Quality in Digital Radiography: First Results of an analytical modeling approach

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Stratos L. David, Christos M. Michail,  Ioannis G. Valais, Ioannis Seferis, George Varaboutis, Stauros Gatsos, Adrianos E. Toutountzis, George Fountos, Ioannis S. Kandarakis, George S. Panayiotakis

Luminescence Efficiency of fast Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Phosphor Screens for use in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

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I. G. Valais, P. C. Xydias

Detectors for imaging in radiation therapy


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