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Contents/Περιεχόμενα  issue/τεύχος:4, volume/τόμος: 4, year/έτος: 2009

page/σελίδα  1-10

Venil C.K. and Lakshmanaperumalsamy P.

Taguchi experimental design for medium optimization for enhanced protease production by Bacillus subtilis HB04

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page/σελίδα  11-19

Dimitrios I. Chaniotis,  Evangelos Papademitriou, Stavroula Galani, Petros Petropoulos, Eleni Eftichidou, Michael Maximiadis, Frangiskos I. Chaniotis

Cardiac functional remodeling indices in acute experimental infarction under the influence of inotropic agents

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page/σελίδα  21-40

Manousos E. Kambouris

Staged oligonucleotide design, compilation and quality control procedures for multiple SNP genotyping by Multiplex PCR and Single Base Extension Microarray format

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page/σελίδα  41-50

Παρασκευή Θεοφίλου

Το σύνδρομο της επαγγελματικής εξουθένωσης στον χώρο της υγείας

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page/σελίδα  51-56

Χαραλάμπους Παντελής

Νόσος Crohn και ψυχολογικά προβλήματα

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page/σελίδα  57-65

Vassilios M Spathopoulos

Simulating Key Aspects of the Game of Soccer by Use of a Mathematical Model

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page/σελίδα  67-73

MS Venetikou, A Vasiliadou and E Politi

Student's perception of couples' need for phychological help after diagnosis of infertility and suggestion of IVF treatment

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page/σελίδα  75-87

Regkli Areti, Konstadinedes Polidoros, Mallis Panayiotis, Matsis Konstadinos, Constadinides Ioannis and Panagoula Kollia

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Epigenetics

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