special issue / ειδικό τεύχος  Ioannis Valais and George Fountos (guest editors)

Workshop on Bio-Medical Instrumentation and related Engineering And Physical Sciences

Technological Educational Institute of Athens,  6 July 2012

Contents/Περιεχόμενα        issue/τεύχος: 3, volume/τόμος: 7, year/έτος: 2012

page/σελίδα  1-5        

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Ioannis  Valais, Christos M. Michail, Ioannis  Seferis, George Fountos,  Nektarios Kalyvas, Ioannis Kandarakis and George S. Panayiotakis

Scintillation screen preparation for use in digital medical systems



page/σελίδα 7-13

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Christoforos Ntales, Nikolaos Kynatidis, Christos Michail, Ioannis Seferis, Ioannis Valais, Nektarios Kalyvas, George Fountos and Ioannis Kandarakis

Image quality assessment in cmos and cr medical imaging systems



page/σελίδα 15-21          

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David Stratos, Georgiou Maria, Fysikopoulos Eleftherios and George Loudos

Initial results for the development of a small field of view gamma-ray imager using a LuAG:Pr scintillator



page/σελίδα 23-28       

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Nektarios Kalyvas, Anna Dimou, Kostas Tsinoukas, George Fountos, Christos Michail,

Ioannis Valais and Ioannis Kandarakis

Effect of film digitization on mammographic image quality



page/σελίδα 29-31     

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 Ioannis E. Seferis, Christos M. Michail, Ioannis G. Valais, George G. Fountos, Nektarios I. Kalyvas, Fotini Stromatia, Ioannis S. Kandarakis, and George S. Panayiotakis

X-ray image degradation passing through thin glass substrate



page/σελίδα  33-39     

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Panagiotis L. Tsialios, Ioannis. Loukos, Christos Nicolopoulos, Grigorios Koulouras and Ioannis Valais

Assessment of the pressure developed between scoliosis brace and patient's body and evaluation of the effective time of treatment


page/σελίδα  41-52    

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A. S. Skouroliakou, N. E. Sagioglou, A. F. Fragopoulou, I. K. Giannarakis, A. K. Manta, M. P. Ntzouni, L. H. Margaritis

insight Into the biological effects of non-ionizing Radiation through the properties of the electromagnetic waves


page/σελίδα  53-59    

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Christos Konstandinou, Efthymios Maneas, Glotsos Dimitris, Kostopoulos Spiros, Ravazoula Panagiota, Dionisis Cavouras

A pattern recognition system for brain tumour grade prediction based on histopathological material and features extracted at different optical magnifications


page/σελίδα  61-66   

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M. Adamopopoulou, E. Kounadi,   P.Sakellariou,  M. Rekkas, and M. Sampatakakis

The contribution of ultra sound gestational control after 32th week in prevention of perinatal mortality


page/σελίδα  67-72    

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Evripidis Mikos, Ioannis Sioulas, Konstantinos Sidiropoulos, Ioannis Kalatzis, Dionisis Cavouras

An android-based patternrecognition application for the characterization of epidermal melanoma


page/σελίδα  73-77    

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 Ilias S. Stratikopoulos, George Saatsakis, and Maria Kallergi

Noise monitoring and alarm system for infant incubators


page/σελίδα  79-85    

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Vaia N. Koukou, Niki D. Martini, Panagiota I. Sotiropoulou, George G. Fountos, Christos M. Michail, Ioannis G. Valais, Ioannis S. Kandarakis and George C. Nikiforidis

Modified polyenergetic X-ray spectra for dual energy method


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