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Study the Task completion Time of the Benchmarks @1GHz, 2GHz and 3GHz Processors


Abdul Kareem P, Fazal Noorbasha, R. A. Singh


Department of Physics and Electronics, Dr H S Gour University, Sagar, India 470003

E-mail Address: kareemskpa@hotmail.com



Abstract- The  AMD Opteron series processor are having 64-bit operating environment. The high-performance computing (HPC) community has helped processor manufacturers to implement a high performance and low cost processor with reduced instruction set (RISC) like.  This paper explains the variation of task completion time with respect to different benchmarks in SPEC CPU INT 2006 benchmark suite using AMD Opteron 2000+ and AMD Opteron 8000+ Series performance scores. We have also calculated Memory wait time @1GHz, @2GHz and@3GHz processor frequency. The benchmarks 429.mcf, 445.gobmk, 456.hmmer, 458.sjeng, 464.h264ref and 483.xalancbmk shows less memory wait time @1GHz, @2GHz and@3GHz processor frequency. The other six benchmarks in INT suite shows high memory wait time. Among all benchmarks 483.xalancbmk (XSLT Processor) and 456.hmmer (Search a Gene Sequence Database) shows high performance on AMD Opteron 2000+ and AMD Opteron 8000+ Series.


Keywords - SPEC CPU INT 2006, Memory Wait Time, Performance.