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Contents/Περιεχόμενα       issue/τεύχος: 3, volume/τόμος: 8, year/έτος: 2013

page/σελίδα  1- 5

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Ioannis A. Delimaris

Determination of the acidity of nutritional supplements in the secondary school science-laboratory: An interdisciplinary experimental approach for effective classroom discussions

page/σελίδα  7- 20

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Jitendra Kumar Verma and Dr. Amit Medhavi

Peristaltic transport in a circular cylindrical tube with permeable wall  


page/σελίδα  21-32

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Polyxeni Moira, Dimitrios Mylonopoulos, Panagiota Vasilopoulou, Aikaterini Kontoudaki

The Management of Delinquent Behavior in Greek Hotels

page/σελίδα  33-54

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Βασιλική Κυριαζή

Κλινική και εργαστηριακή προσέγγιση της αντίστασης στην αντιαιμοπεταλιακή αγωγή

page/σελίδα  55-69 

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Gaddala Jaya Raju

DSP Controlled Inverter Fed Speed Control of Three Phase Induction Motor

page/σελίδα  71-83

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M. A. Addo, E.O. Darko, C. Gordon, B. J. B. Nyarko

Heavy metal contaminations in soil and cassava harvested near a cement processing facility in the Volta Region, Ghana: Implications of health risk for the population living in the vicinity

page/σελίδα  85-93

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Fazal Noorbasha, Ch.S.Venu Madhav, Jacqueline Hu, GSRK Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Rolla Sireesha, P.Joshi Ram Charan Tej

Implementation of 90 nm CMOS LFSR Test Vector Generator for FPGA Floating Point Arithmetic Unit

page/σελίδα  95- 103

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Pintu and Alka Dubey

Design and Implementation of IR based Line Follower Robot for Cooperative Task Sharing

page/σελίδα  105-114

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Jigna B. Prajapati

Significance of testing through testing tools: cost analysis

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