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Contents/Περιεχόμενα       issue/τεύχος: 5, volume/τόμος: 8, year/έτος: 2013

page/σελίδα  1-15

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Abhijit N. Merekar and Bhanudas S. Kuchekar

Formulation, In-vitro and In-vivo X-ray evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of Diltiazem HCL using hydrophilic hydrophobic polymer blend

page/σελίδα  17-26

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Alka Dubey, Mohd Shamshad and Kamlesh Patel

Design and Implementation of Pollution Monitoring and Recording System 
Using Microcontroller

page/σελίδα  27-32

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Georgios  K. Leontidis

Monte Carlo generation of benign and malignant masses inside mammograms


page/σελίδα  33-40

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Vicky Katsoni, Maria Venetsanopoulou

Use of innovation systems for an effective tourism marketing development strategy


page/σελίδα  41-45

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Iωάννης A. Δελημάρης

H μέτρηση της αρτηριακής πίεσης ως εργαστηριακή άσκηση στο μάθημα της Βιολογίας: 
μια διαθεματική προσέγγιση στο πλαίσιο της αγωγής υγείας

page/σελίδα  47-55

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N.Sayedu Khasim, Y.Murali Krishna, Jagadeesh Thati & M.Venkata Subbarao

Analysis of different tapering techniques for efficient radiation pattern

page/σελίδα  57-64

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Evaggelos S. Pateras

Progressive addition lenses: Ccomparison of designs according to the visual fields
they provide without astigmatic aberrations for far near and intermediate vision

page/σελίδα  65-73

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Basile Spyropoulos

A short report about the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy Athens,

4-10 August 2013


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