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page/σελίδα  1-16

Asha Lata Singh
Removal of chromium from waste water with the help of microbes: a review

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page/σελίδα  17-32

O. Obire, R. Putheti Ramesh, A. A. Dick  and R.N. Okigbo
 Biotechnology influence for the production of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) from waste fruites

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page/σελίδα  33-48

Polyxeni Moira and Spyridon Parthenis
Representation and perceptions of industrial heritage in the higher Technological Education Institute in Greece: an empirical study 

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page/σελίδα  49-66

Dimitris Glotsos, Spiros Kostopoulos and Dionisis Cavouras
A stochastic simulation algorithm for analysis of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching kinetics

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page/σελίδα  67-79

O. Obire, W. N. Barade, R.Putheti Ramesh. R. N. Okigbo
Impact of human activities on the abiotic conditions and mycoflora of the water

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page/σελίδα  81-93

Paritosh Bhattacharya, Rajsekhar Panua, Prabir Kumar Bose, Bankim Bihari Ghosh
Design of Reactive Muffler for Study on the Noise Level and Performance of a Two Cylinder Four Stroke 16 H.P Diesel Engine

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